Rod Makers at Grayrock

June 25 - 27  2020

Rod-Makers at Grayrock held annually in Lovells Township Michigan is one of the original Cane Rod-Makers Gatherings.  The forum is conducted in June and attracts Rod-Makers from across the Country.  In 2019 we will meet 25 - 27 June.   

 Dennis Bertram received the Wes Cooper Award.

John Long received the inaugural "John Long Life Time Achievement Award"   

Grayrock 2020 Up-date

Grayrock 2020 remains on the calendar for 25 – 27 June. However, it seems COVID19 will decide if the gathering will actually take place in June. A few words about the gathering and planning we have done so far and then some discussion regarding how we will proceed considering COVID19.

We have a change in venue this year and the gathering will be moved from Lovells to the Kirkland Community College campus on 4 Mile Road just south of Grayling. Several reason prompted this move. Primarily, the amount of work associated with hosting the meeting in Lovells was becoming unmanageable. Also arranging for food service has become very problematic. There are other less significant considerations, but taken as a whole it is clearly time for a move to a more stable and convenient venue.

Kirkland College is an excellent venue offering the support and catering required to facilitate a first class event. There is an abundance of parking, plenty of casting space, comfortable (air conditioned) meeting rooms, and state of the art A/V support. Further, catering, and facilities support (moving furniture, clean-up, etc…) will be provided by the college.

Owing to the venue change, potential impact by COVID19, and associated uncertainty concerning scheduling speakers and presenter’s this year the gathering will be casual and laid back with more time for casting and socializing. As the agenda comes into focus we will post it in the usual places.

It is possible the COVID19 situation may require cancellation or rescheduling GR2020. We have talked with the College and there are dates available later in the summer. When we can sort out how we may be impacted and if rescheduling is necessary or an option we will take a poll to determine if there is enough interest to warrant rescheduling the gathering.

For now – registration is not open. If things look like the June dates may be possible we will open registration 15 May. Information will be posted when we have something to share. Regret any inconvenience or confusion.

Best to you all, and hope to see you all in June….

For the Grayrock Board


Board Members

Richard Perry          Lovells, MI     

Mark Wendt             Grayling, MI  

Karen Harrison        Frederic MI    

Dave Jankowski       Traverse City, MI 

Peter Jones             Frederic, MI  

Jim Kastelin            Ludington, MI

Greg McGowan        Bellefontaine, OH

Dave Meadows        Crestline, OH 


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