Rod Makers at Grayrock

June 17 - 19  2021

Rod-Makers at Grayrock held annually in Lovells Township Michigan is one of the original Cane Rod-Makers Gatherings.  The forum is conducted in June and attracts Rod-Makers from across the Country.  In  

Grayrock 2021 will be held at Kirtland College Grayling, MI  17 - 19 June 2021

Board Members

Richard Perry          Lovells, MI     

Mark Wendt             Grayling, MI  

Karen Harrison        Frederic MI    

Dave Jankowski       Traverse City, MI 

Peter Jones             Frederic, MI  

Jim Kastelin            Ludington, MI

Greg McGowan        Bellefontaine, OH

Dave Meadows        Crestline, OH 


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