BAMBOO Bend Project

Grayrock is proud to support the BamBoo Bend Project.  It is also conducted here in lovells and many of Grayrock attendees and board members are instructors or contribute time, money, and material to make this event happen.  Good Event - Good Work.


The Bamboo Bend Project, an annual nine-day event, takes place in Lovells, Michigan.  Wounded and injured military members and veterans hand-build a high quality bamboo fly rod assisted by master rod makers, all volunteers.  At the end of the program, each participant takes home the completed bamboo fly rod that they built and a big smile.  They also receive a top-end reel, premium fly line, locally tied flies and many other gifts from the local area.   There are also numerous opportunities for our warriors to fly fish with professional guides from both drift boats and Au Sable river boats, along with wading local rivers and streams.

The Bamboo Bend Project provides our warriors with a place to recharge, heal, learn new skills and to build lifelong relationships with fellow warriors and the local community.  Past participants talk enthusiastically to this day about treasured memories and new friends, remembered anew each time they use the rod they built themselves.

This event is offered at NO COST to the veteran. 

To make a tax deductible donation - Please make checks payable to

Bamboo Bend Project

6288 Bald Hill Rd, Grayling, MI  49738

***Or visit our website at to make a donation on line***

Your donation helps cover the costs of food, lodging, rod making tools, rod components and other associated expenses.  There are NO administrative costs deducted; 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to support the veterans attending the Bamboo Bend Project.  The warriors are selected from across the nation and pay no travels costs at all.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!



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