Rodmakers at Grayrock Inc. (RGI) have created the Wes Cooper Award to recognize worthy rod-makers for their achievements and contributions to the art and craft of bamboo rod-making, and by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to utilize best rod-making practices and ethical behavior.




  The Wes Cooper Rodmakers Award is presented at each Grayrock Gathering to a rod-maker nominated by the rod-making community at large, recommended by the Nominating committee, and selected by the RGI Board of Directors as the candidate best satisfying the eligibility and award criteria.




1.  Must be a practicing rod-maker active as a professional or hobbyist.


2.  Serving RGI Board Members are not eligible.  However past committee and/or Board Members are eligible for nomination and award.




1.  The nominee provides an inspirational example of industriousness, unselfish dedication and determination causing him/her to be admired and respected by his/her peers.


2.  The nominee has shown individuality through creative problem-solving and approach to the craft of rod-making.


3.  The nominee has provided service to his/her craft by participating in efforts benefiting rod-making.


4. The nominee has furthered the craft of rod-making by supporting and encouraging new or established rod-makers through sharing of skills and knowledge needed to firmly establish best practices of cane rod construction and finishing across the rod-making community.


5. The nominee exhibits a history of fairness and ethical behavior: and shows courtesy and respect to fellow rod makers and the community at large.




Nominations and supporting materials will be accepted at each Grayrock Gathering.  Nominations should be provided in writing to the Secretary during this period.


Submit nominations to:


Jim Kastelin

Secretary RGI


2013 - Wes Cooper

2014 - Jerry Drake

2015 - Dennis Higham 

2016 - Al & Carol Medved

2017 - Mike Biondo

2018 - Ron Barch

2019 - Dennis Bertram

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